Xoomia Health



Xoomia is an application that is designed to allow individual users in the healthcare industry to organize information on a single platform. These individuals may range from family members of patients to healthcare professionals, guardians, state agencies and home healthcare.

Xoomia can be used by Individuals, Home Health Agencies, Healthcare Agencies, Facilities, Doctor Offices, Mental Health Agencies, Hospital and Pharmacies.

A minute is all it takes to sign up for Xoomia. Go to the home page and click the Sign Up option. Choose your category from the list provided and fill out the form.Voila!!! you're now part of the Xoomia family

The sign up process is absolutely free. As a user, you will only be required to pay when you add an individual or enable the A la Carte Module.

A monthly subscription at Xoomia comes up to $15. Users are billed on a prorated basis. Your normal billing cycle will begin on the 1st of a month. For example, let’s say that you joined Xoomia on the 15th of a month. In a case such as this, you will be charged over $7.5 for this month. You will be charged $15 a month per individual for the month that follows.

We take the privacy of our users very seriously. This is why Xoomia is housed in one of the most secure data centers in the US.

Xoomia is hosted in the United States in Michigan. It also has two locations in Illinois and Indiana.

If you want to get in touch with our customer support representatives, contact us at 800-544-9413 or send us an email at customerservice@xoomia.com.

Send us your feedback at info@xoomia.com. We welcome any feedback and are always striving to improve our services.

We provide onsite training in order to help our customers make the most of Xoomia. If you have a request, you can contact us at 800-544-9413 or send us an email at info@xoomia.com.

Yes, users are allowed to cancel their accounts at any time.

Yes, we hold training sessions every Friday from 10am to `12pm. Reserve your spot today. We have limited seats available.

Yes, Xoomia is compliant with all regulations within HIPAA. Xoomia is hosted in a secured/HIPAA compliant data center located in the US

You can. Such tasks are possible through our HL7 infrastructure that allows you to integrate your facility with Xoomia. Contact us at 800-544-9413 or send us an email at support@xoomia.com to find out more.

Xoomia adds new forms to its library on a regular basis. In case you don’t see the form that you are using, send the form to us as an attachment at support@xoomia.com.